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I know that 〆 means something like "closure/closing", but I have not been able to find examples of this symbol in its "natural habitat". Ditto for 乄, which, as I understand it, is just a variant of 〆. Pointers to examples of real-life uses of these symbols would be appreciated. (gfb345)

It's impossible to search for this anywhere because it's not actually a kanji. So it's hard to even put into a kanji pad to look up.

It's not something you come across very often even when living in Japan, but when you do it's usually in some context where it's important you know what it means. Every time I've tried to ask a Japanese person about it they look like I have an extra ear or 3 eyes or something(apologies for ableism). (erlog)

First time I saw this character in the wild was at a kaiten-zushi place in Tateyama, Chiba. The menu was hand-written, and 〆 was used in the names of several dishes, 〆鯖, 昆布〆め, etc. (Katsuo)

I believe when used for sushi it refers to something that's pickled. (ashman63)

Granted, I don't live in Japan nor do I use a lot of native material, but I've only seen it once so far. I play an MMO and occasionally I see the JP players ask people if they wanna come do something or whatever. Usually they'll type one line saying what they need to, then just type 〆 in it's own line by itself. So I guess the closure thing kinda makes sense.

I should add that even still, I don't see many of the JP players actually use it though. (Offshore)

There is one sentence in the Core5000 that uses 〆.

今月の八日が〆切だ。(The deadline is the eighth of this month.)

It can be written as 締め切り or 〆切. I thought it was odd so I double checked with my sister-in-law but she insisted that she always uses 〆切 over 締め切り. But my wife says she always uses 締め切り over 〆切.

I can only conclude that either one is fine. (Nayr182)

I've only seen it in the word: 〆切 and not that often either. (gyuujuice)

I have a monthly 〆会 at work. (Womacks23)

It would be totally awesome to be named 〆。 Apparantly it´s feminine though... (hereticalrants)

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