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All Japanese All The Time (AJATT) is an immersion method made popular by Khatzumoto on the AJATT blog.

Some key points about Khatzumoto's approach are:

  • Have fun while you learn, if you would not read the material in english, then don't read it in Japanese
  • Immerse yourself fully in Japanese: listen to Japanese radio, watch Japanese YouTube, switch your OS to Japanese, etc.
  • Use a spaced repetition system
  • Get started already!

There is a related AJATT Discussion on the RevTK forum.

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Table of contents

  1. For Starters
  2. Mental Tools
    1. For the Start of the Journey
    2. For During the Journey
  3. Equipment
    1. Immersion Environment
    2. SRS: Spaced Repetition System
  4. Kanji
  5. Kana
  6. Sentences
  7. Questions from Readers
  8. Reader Stories
  9. Materials
    1. Website Recommendations
    2. Book Recommendations
    3. Other Recommendations
  10. News
  11. Life In Japan
  12. Further Reading


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