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The Android system has no built-in support for Japanese input methods. However, a number of apps with this function are available on the Market.



  • Vertical Text Viewer - Aozora Bunko formatted text reader
  • Aozora Provider - Makes downloading books from Aozora Bunko easier.
  • Aoisora
  • Jade Reader - Open source text file reader with built-in offline Japanese-English dictionary
  • Dokusho Text file reader with Japanese-English dictionary
  • OCR Manga Reader - Manga reader with OCR support and support for both EDICT and EPWING dictionaries, made by koohii forum user cb4960. (Related Koohii forum thread)
  • Typhon - Ebook reader based on Jade Reader with EDICT, EPWING & Japanese Wordnet dictionary support. (Related Koohii Forum Thread)


  • AnkiDroid - Anki for Android phones - free - Ability to sync with your decks uploaded to AnkiWeb. Includes card editor, review timer. Whiteboard feature to scribble on your screen during reviews. Will support custom fonts from v0.7.
  • Kanji LS Touch - Good for practicing stroke order.
  • 常用漢字筆順辞典 FREE - Good for practicing stroke order. App all in Japanese.
  • Kanji Ryokucha - Good for Kanji Koohii SRS reviewing
  • Browser - to review your Anki decks using the AnkiWeb interface.


  • TuneIn - Listen to live radio streams from all over the world (pick Japanese stations via "Location" not via "Language" | lots of music streams)
  • Raziko - Listen to Japanese live streams (there are slightly different stations accessible according to your location setting | mainly spoken words)
  • RadioJapan - Listen to Japanese live streams)
  • BeyondPod - Great podcast manager I use to handle my Japanese podcasts
  • WorkAudioBook - Audiobook player with features for language learners (automatically splits book into phrases, phrase repeat, place saving, subtitle support, dictionary look-up, etc.).



Visual/Sound Novels


  • Clipstore - A Clipboard monitoring program that I run in the background. It keeps a list of stuff copied - so when I'm studying something in an Anki deck and I want to mark it for further study later or something, I just copy it and it creates a list for later.
  • himekuri10: Japanese-style old timey calendar. I mostly use it to get the lunar Calendar date and to amuse myself with who was born on that day.
  • Feedly - RSS reader which is easy to search and add Japanese RSS feeds from.
  • Google変換マッシュ (potentially unstable)
  • Kaki Memo Lite - Good to make a notice by drawing, but no recognition, every character is a picture in the document
  • OpenVPN Connect -Useful with Japanese VPN (Instructions)
  • More Locale 2 -To turn the interface language to Japanese (Android 4.2+ Instructions)
  • Fontomizer SP Add Motoya Japanese fonts to Samsung Galaxy phones

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