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Tools created by forum members:


  • Audio Lesson Studio Allows you to create simple, user-defined, .mp3 audio lessons that may be used as an aid for learning languages or just about anything else - use your imagination! Audio can be based on existing media or automatically generated using Text-To-Speech.
  • cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool Allows users to generate 3 kinds of reports: Word Frequency Report, Kanji Frequency Report, and Readability Report. You may analyze a single text file or an entire directory of text files (including sub-directories).
  • JGlossator Interactive tool to create a gloss for Japanese text complete with de-inflected expressions, readings, audio pronunciation, example sentences, pitch accent, kanji information, and grammar analysis. It automatically glosses any Japanese text that you copy to the clipboard.
  • JNovel Formatter A utility that will convert a Japanese novel (in text form) to one or more specially formatted HTML files.
  • JReadability A utility that will compute the Obi-2 Reading Level and Hayashi Score for the provided Japanese texts.
  • Rikaichan: RevTK Community Edition aka rikaisama A modification of Rikaichan to include 1) JDIC vocabulary audio support, 2) EPWING Mode, 3) J-J sanseido dictionary lookups, 4) Advanced save options. 5) Ability to save directly to an Anki deck. 6) Super Sticky Mode. 7) Startup tab in options dialog. 8) Kanji link to the study page. (Sourceforge link)
  • subs2srs A utility that allows you to create SRS (for example Anki) import files based on your favorite foreign language movies and TV shows to aid in the language learning process.
  • Aozora Gaiji Replacer A utility that will look at a Japanese novel and replace aozora gaiji constructs with UTF-8 equivalents.
  • Aozora Remover A utility that will remove the Aozora constructs and HTML tags from a file or a directory of files.
  • vobsub2text A utility that uses OCR technology to automatically convert VOBSUB subtitles (.idx/.sub) to subrip (.srt) subtitles. (Currently in the experimental stage).
  • background typing Autohotkey script that lets you type/paste text into a designated program without switching from the active window.
  • bassplayer Command line media player to go with the shared Anki plugin Custom Media Player 2. Unlike mplayer, bassplayer will play very short audio files to completion. Usage.
  • cb's Kanji Word Association Tool Kanji Word Association Tool was created for students who want to learn kanji and words at the same time in the most optimal fashion possible. Based on a user-provided list of kanji, this tool will generate a list of words that are associated with each kanji and ensure that each word consists only of kanji that you have already studied up to that point and kana. In addition, words are sorted by frequency and no duplicate words are used.
  • cb's OCR Manga Reader for Android OCR Manga Reader is a free and open source Android app that allows you to quickly OCR and lookup Japanese words in real-time. There are no ads and no mysterious network permissions. Supports both EDICT and EPWING dictionaries. It is essentially A Comic Viewer (ACV) + Capture2Text + Rikaichan.
  • Epwing2Anki Tool that can be used to automatically or semi-automatically create Japanese Anki vocabulary cards based on a provided list of words and one or more of your favorite EPWING dictionaries and/or the included EDICT J-E dictionary and Tatoeba example sentence corpus. Epwing2Anki is for people like me who hate making vocabulary cards by hand.


  • KanjiTomo - New OCR program for Japanese text Identifies Japanese characters under mouse cursor and finds the corresponding words from dictionary. It works a bit like Rikaichan, but it can be used with any image on screen, not just text on web pages.


  • Immersion Media Player A dedicated language learning media player. It helps you organize your multi-lingual music library and take advantage or your favourite music to help you learn the language you love. Learn language through music!


  • Jade Reader (Japanese Reader) A Japanese text file reader for Android with a built-in offline dictionary converted from WWWJDIC. It has the ability to search exactly like Rikaichan using a downloaded EDICT, so you can use it without having access to the Internet.

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