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Forum member pmnox compiled a deck that improves on the regular Core 6k by adding around 4,000 extra words and sentences from the Japanese Sensei app plus i+1 ordering, JLPT-level index, Heisig's RTK keywords for the vocabulary, and pitch accent for 95% of all words. The data from the Sensei app was originally extracted by forum members overture2112 and Blahah [1], and users Irixmark and brianobush have helped tidying it up. The original deck from 2011 had only the content from the app, while the one by pmnox uses for the first 6,000 cards the data from iKnow! and Core 6k — which have better audio, more accurate furigana and less typos than the ones from the Sensei app — and uses the app content for the rest, with his own fixes and optimizations added to it.

Alternate version download

Here's an alternate version of the Core 10k sentence deck, modified by gdaxeman for simplicity:

Old download links

Note: The decks below were removed from Anki's website.

Here is the whole core on Anki Shared Decks: Core 2k/6k/10K Further Optimized PIC/SOUND/PITCH ACCENT

The images and audio files are provided separately:

The pictures for cards in range 0k–2k come from, matching reasonably well with the content, while the images for cards in range 2k–10k were downloaded automatically from Bing Image Search with a script, resulting in some complaints that, in many cases, they don't match what the card asks for.


There's also a supplement — an additional set of 15,000 cards that are not in Core 10k, taken from Tanuki-Ultima deck and CorePlus deck:

They don't contain audio and the images were also downloaded automatically from Bing Image Search with a script.

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