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Please discuss guidelines in this forum topic, thank you.

Creating pages

Please use descriptive titles. Think of what the page title may look like in a search engine results.

Avoid acronyms

Avoid naming a page solely after an acronym.


GOOD    "All Japanese All The Time"
GOOD    "All Japanese All The Time (AJATT)"

Avoid generic titles

Avoid naming a page after a generic word that has no meaning out of context.

While using "Japanese" in this particular Wiki seems implicit, make an exception for page titles, as these can appear in search engine results.

For example try enable japanese kanji osx in Google. The second link (as of writing) points to the [Switch Mac OS X to Japanese] page. A descriptive title is very important if you want your article to reach and benefit more people out there.


GOOD    "Japanese language learning software"
BAD     "Learning software"
BAD     "Software"

Note that you can display a different link text, so you can have a descriptive title, but use a shorter text within the wiki links. For example:

[[A long but descriptive page title|Short title]]

Optimize image uploads

Please optimize images before uploading.

As a rule of thumb, aim for less than 100KB for medium size images, less than 200KB for large images.

Tips to reduce image size:

  • Save your images as JPG or GIF (gif if not many colors)
  • For JPEG (JPG) images, in Photoshop use between 50% and 80% quality. Higher setting is hardly visible in most cases.


For consistency it would be best to use the same romanization method accross the whole wiki.

We are currently in favor of using kana spelling (eg. "Jouyou kanji").

Which romanization method should we use?

For example:

  • Jōyō kanji (traditional and revised, considered standard)
  • Joyo kanji (de facto on signs)
  • Jouyou kanji (kana spelling)