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Immersion Media Player is a dedicated language learning media player. It helps you organize your multi-lingual music library and take advantage or your favourite music to help you learn the language you love. Learn language through music!

Designed by language learners for language learners.

Support for learning:

   Chinese, Japanese, Korean
   English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


   Easily manage music across multiple languages.
   Right click to easily locate lyrics online.
   Right click access to all the best online dictionaries.
   Highlight known words in lyrics to see visually how much you know.
   Mouse over known words to see pronouncation/reading/example.
   Right click access to YouTube music videos.
   Easily add pronounciations, definitions and example sentences to known words.
   Export to Anki once you're done!
   Generate playlists based on words you want to learn.

Current version is (screenshot)