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They have a premium subscription service with very very good content. It goes from completely basic beginner to advanced, with explanations in the podcast starting all in English, then a mixture of Japanese and English at intermediate and then no explanation at advanced. Premium members can download the recorded dialogues without explanation and the transcripts. One problem is that their lessons are not well organized, with basically no guidelines on what you should do with it all. The following lessons are what I recommend that you follow, based on my own experience going through the lessons. Remember that this is just my opinion. I encourage you to read my comments below about any seasons that are not included in my recommended path, and also feel free to try out those lessons yourself if you want.

  1. Newbie Seasons 2 + 3 OR Newbie Season 4 (if you don’t feel confident about the material, do both)
  2. Newbie Season 5
  3. Particles (classified under “Bonus Courses”)
  4. Beginner Seasons 4-6
  5. Japanese for Everyday Life Lower Intermediate
  6. Lower Intermediate Seasons 2-6 (in reverse order)
  7. Advanced Audio Blog Season 1
  8. Upper Intermediate Seasons 1-5
  9. Advanced Audio Blog Seasons 2-6

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