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  • 「君にしか聞こえない」 乙一 - "Innocent" book. Set of middle-length modern fantasy short stories by Otsuichi. August 2014 Beginner Book Club Selection - read discussion here.
  • BOTさん - Short stories for absolute beginners, includes pictures to help you learn words. Clicking on the links underneath the first short story brings you to other stories.
  • Japanese Graded Readers
  • チーズスイートホーム (Chi's Sweet Home)
  • よつばと!(Yotsubato!)
  • 「キノの旅」 時雨沢 恵一 - "Innocent" book about a boy and his talking motorbike.
  • 「ゼロの使い魔」 ヤマグチノボル - "Innocent" light novel 「ライノベ」about a girl witch and the boy familiar she takes.
  • 「宇宙の男たち」 星新一 - "Innocent" book. Set of extremely short (a few pages apiece) science fiction stories.
  • 「頭の大きなロボット」 星新一 "Innocent" book.
  • 「しあわせは子猫のかたち」 乙一 - "Innocent" book.
  • 「十二国記シリーズ」小野不由美 - "Innocent" fantasy book series with in depth world-building.


  • 「Go」金城 一紀 - "Innocent" book. August 2014 Intermediate Book Club Selection - read discussion here.
  • 「夏と花火と私の死体」 乙一 - "Innocent" book. A collection of three horror stories from Otsuichi.
  • 「死神の精度」 伊坂 幸太郎 - "Innocent" book.
  • 「涼宮ハルヒシリーズ」谷川流 - "Innocent" book.
  • 「失はれる物語」乙一 "Innocent" book.
  • 「七瀬ふたたび」筒井康隆 - "Innocent" book.
  • 「Border」 金城 一紀 - Not innocent (? verify).
  • 10分で読めるお話 (10-pun de Yomeru Ohanashi - Stories You Can Read in 10 Minutes) -- This is a series that goes all the way up to Grade 6. There are also science books, biographies, etc.
  • Read Real Japanese Fiction
  • Breaking into Japanese Literature
  • Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Text
  • 魔法の宅急便 (Mahou no Takkyuubin - Kiki's Delivery Service)


  • 「All You Need Is Kill」桜坂洋 - "Innocent" book. August 2014 Advanced Book Club selection - read discussion here.
  • 「グラスホッパー」伊坂 幸太郎 - "Innocent" book (? verify).
  • 「容疑者Xの献身」東野圭吾 - "Innocent" book. One of Japan's pre-eminent mystery writers.
  • 「秘密」東野 圭吾 - "Innocent" book.

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