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  • FluentU A free website for learning languages by using short videos from the web (YouTube, commercials, news, etc.) categorized by levels, with interactive subtitles and translations. The languages provided are Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, English and German.
  • The Japanese Page Japanese lessons starting from the very basics all the way on to the advanced levels.

  • iKnow! A paid language-learning website whose system is focused on teaching vocabulary by means of flashcards, dictation, and choosing the correct answer. There's no emphasis grammar, which has to be learned separately. It offers official courses in Japanese, Chinese, and SAT English. A previous and free incarnation of the website, Smart.fm, is the source of the vocab, sentences and audio for the Core 6k Anki deck.
  • Skritter SRS-based system in which you learn the Chinese and Japanese characters by writing them. While not strictly necessary, it works better if you have a tablet or phone with a stylus.

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