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Frequency lists



  • J-KWIC Online - Online KWIC concordancer for Japanese text.
  • JReK - “JReK lets you search for Japanese words and see how they are used in context within sentences on the web.”


  • Japanese Wordnet - Lexical database. Aims to be “... a large scale, freely available, semantic dictionary of Japanese.”
  • Japanese FrameNet - “Japanese FrameNet aims at building a lexicon that records the valence descriptions of Japanese words, based on Frame Semantics and corpus data.”
  • Asian WordNet Project

Text Analysis Tools

  • AntConc - Freeware, features concordancing and text mining functions.
  • KH Coder - “KH Coder is a free software for Quantitative Content Analysis or Text Mining of Japanese language data.”
  • Language Grid Playground - Various language services, including semantic dictionaries, translators, morphological analysis, and dependency parsing.
  • Transcriber - “A tool for segmenting, labeling and transcribing speech.” Superseded by TranscriberAG.
  • Translation Aggregator - Suite that compiles web tools for translating, morphological parsing and annotating.

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