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Japanese for Everyone (JFE) is a dense and fast-paced textbook that covers roughly JLPT N5 and N4 (the equivalent of Genki I and II). It is a great textbook for someone who learns from examples, appreciates brief explanations, wants a traditional textbook, and doesn't need lots of handholding. Read reviews before buying to make sure it will match your learning style. Audio tapes are out of print. You can either find them online, or you can try special ordering from White Rabbit Press or Kinokuniya. A workbook with additional exercises and a kanji book are also available.

Note: Japanese for Everyone is NOT the same book as Minna no Nihongo.


  • Covers ~2500 vocab words and ~500 kanji
  • Answers are in the back of the book
  • It sells for ~$20
  • Learn grammar through examples and brief explanations
  • Kana is used immediately
  • Teaches formal and informal (polite/casual) speech
  • Each chapter follows a young couple who just arrived in Japan for a new job