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MYOT is a program designed to act like a "Virtual TV Channel" (based on a user's media library) to be used to create an immersion environment when learning a language. The latest version can be downloaded at Github


Python 2.5+ (Tested on 2.5, may work on lower versions)


Settings Files

There are two settings files with MYOT.

This file contains some basic settings.

The only setting that you should change is the MEDIA_DIR. Change this to the folder where you have your media stored. You shouldn't have to change the other values unless you know what you are doing.

This file describes how MYOT should play your media.

To define a block of time to play some media, first create a block:

myBlock = Block()

Now you can change the settings for this block.

Set how the block should pick media:

myBlock.picker = 'latest'

Automatically add series for the block to play:"tv_shows") # "tv_shows" is a directory in the MEDIA_DIR described in

To add this block to the weeks schedule you need to add it to the BLOCKS list:

BLOCKS = ((myBlock, "Monday 8:00", "Monday 15:00"),) # This will make myBlock play between 8 AM and 3 PM on a monday.

When you have finished setting up the files, copy and to the "myot" folder. To find out how to run MYOT, refer to the Usage section. You can add as many blocks as you like. Please note that if you overlap any times, MYOT will most likely not handle it very gracefully.


To run MYOT, just run with python.


Windows users: Please make sure that you have Mplayer on your system path.