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Japanese language learners may want to switch the language displayed in their OS to Japanese, in order to improve "immersion", or simply for a little challenge.

Multiple languages in Windows 8

It is easier to switch the interface language to Japanese in Windows 8 than in previous versions.

Multiple languages in Windows Vista/Windows 7

Unfortunately, unless you have the "Ultimate" version of Windows Vista/Windows 7, you are not allowed to install other language packs.

Vistalizator is a tool that allows you to change display language in the following Windows editions:

  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Business/Professional

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Third-Party IMEs

  • Google IME - Good for pop culture terms, slang, obscure names, etc. Type かおもじ and scroll down for emoticon list.
  • Baidu IME - Lots of colorful skins, includes emoticon dictionary and screenshot tool.
  • ATOK (cost)