Tae Kim's Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar

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Tae Kim's Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar is a free online "guide" to Japanese grammar. It covers most things for a learner to start learning from native sources. It is often used directly after finishing RTK by beginners with no foundation in the language.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Writing System
    • Hiragana
    • Katakana
    • Kanji
  3. Basic Grammar
    • Expressing State-of-Being
    • Introduction to Particles
    • Adjectives
    • Verb Basics
    • Negative Verbs
    • Past Tense
    • Particles used with verbs
    • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
    • Descriptive Subordinate Clauses and Sentence Order
    • Noun-related Particles
    • Using Adverbs and Gobi
  4. Essential Grammar
    • Polite Form and Verb Stems
    • Addressing People
    • The Question Marker
    • Compound Sentences
    • Other uses of the te-form
    • Potential Form
    • Using する and なる with the に particle
    • Conditionals
    • Expressing "must" or "have to"
    • Desire and Suggestions
    • Performing an action on a subordinate clause
    • Defining and Describing
    • Trying something out or attempting to do something
    • Giving and Receiving
    • Making requests
    • Numbers and Counting6
    • Wrapping up section 4 and more gobi
  5. Special Expressions65
    • Causative and Passive Verbs
    • Honorific and Humble Forms
    • Things that happen unintentionally
    • Special expressions with generic nouns
    • Expressing various levels of certainty
    • Expressing amounts
    • Various ways to express similarity and hearsay
    • Using 方 and よる for comparisons and other functions
    • Saying something is easy or difficult to do
    • More negative verbs
    • Hypothesizing and Concluding
    • Expressing time-specific actions
    • Leaving something the way it is
  6. Advanced Topics
    • Formal Expressions
    • Things that should be a certain way
    • Expressing the minimum expectation
    • Showing signs of something
    • Formal expressions of non-feasibility
    • Tendencies
    • Advanced Volitional
    • Covered by something
    • Advanced proximity of actions
    • Others
  7. Miscellaneous
    • Casual Patterns and Slang

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